Spring Garden Tips
Creating a Beautiful Garden or Landscape

A Garden for All Five Senses

A colorful landscape is a thing of beauty to enjoy with your eyes. But it should also appeal to your other senses.

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A New Look at Coneflowers

You love ‘em but you’re looking for a change. Don’t rip out all those coneflowers. Instead, team them up with different plants for a different look in the garden.

A Walk Through the Garden

Attractive and Functional Pathways

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Affordable Landscape Makeover

Creating an Inviting Space

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Alliums (Flowering Onions) in the Garden

Add color and drama to your garden beds spring through fall with flowering onions, also known as allium.

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Attracting Hummingbirds to the Garden

Bring in the hummingbirds and brighten your landscape with colorful plants.

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Beauty at Your Feet

Groundcovers for Various Landscape Situations

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Beauty Beneath Black Walnut Trees

Though prized for their valuable lumber, black walnuts are a curse for many home gardeners. Every part of this tree contains juglone, a substance toxic to many plants.

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