Spring Garden Tips
Expand Your Garden Space and Planting Options with Container Gardens

Increase growing space, extend the season or expand your planting options with the help of container gardens.

Use elevated gardens, like the Salad Bar Garden, for easy care and harvesting and to keep rabbits at bay.

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Or add some fun with a plantable bar, like the Plant A Bar. Grow your own herbs to flavor your favorite beverages and serve guests right on your patio or deck.

Extend your growing season. Plant cool season vegetables and flowers like Swiss chard, ornamental cabbage and pansies during the cooler garden months. Switch to more heat-tolerant plants like tomatoes, coleus, mandevillas and don't overlook drought and heat tolerant succulents.

mgm 10 2017 expand with containersUse containers to expand your planting palette. Grow compact blueberries in a pot to provide the moist well drained acidic soil they require. Or plant figs and citrus that may not be cold hardy, but can be moved indoors for winter.

A bit more information: Use containers to dress up your entryway. Create colorful and fragrant plantings to welcome guests to your home. Further increase your planting space by growing flowers and edibles on your patio or deck.

Container blueberry shots provided by Bushel and Berry. For more information on these and other small scale fruit, bushelandberry.com


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Eco-friendly Control of Cabbage Worms

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Plant Flowers and Vegetables Together in Containers and in the Garden

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Enabling Tools and Techniques

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Succulent Container Garden

Create beautiful drought tolerant containers.

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Tabletop Containers

Create a living centerpiece using plants suited to small containers, the growing conditions and of course your décor.

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