Spring Garden Tips
Fast Food Saucers

Don’t throw away those fast food containers.  Reuse the bottom of salad, pasta and other containers as saucers for your indoor plants. Place a few marbles, pebbles, or aquarium gravel in the bottom to capture the excess water and increase humidity.  The plants rest on the pebbles above the water preventing root rot. As the excess water evaporates it increases the humidity around the plants. You also save time and the mess created pouring off the excess water each time you water your houseplants thoroughly.


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Adding Houseplants

Improve your indoor air quality by adding a few houseplants to your interior decor.


Every Drop Counts

Don't throw your dehumidifier water down the drain.  Use it to water houseplants or outdoor containers.


Share Your Houseplants

Revive tired houseplants and grow a gift to share from your indoor garden.