Spring Garden Tips
Eggshell Seedlings

Recycle those paper egg cartons and eggshells back into the garden. Use them for starting plants from seeds. Simply fill the individual sections of the egg cartons or the cleaned eggshells with a sterile well-drained potting or seed starting mix. Place them in a warm sunny location or under artificial lights. Separate the paper egg carton cups and slice through the sides and bottom just before planting them into your outdoor garden. Crack the eggshells just prior to transplanting seedling outdoors. This will make it easier for the roots to expand into the surrounding soil. Plant the seedlings, container and all, in the garden when the weather is right and after the seedling have been hardened off. Using bio-degradable containers reduces transplant shock. The paper carton and eggshells will disintegrate adding organic matter and nutrients to the soil.


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