Spring Garden Tips
A Stake in the Garden
Get everyone involved with recycling and the garden. Convert discards into to colorful row markers. Popsicle sticks, old wooden spoons, mini blinds slats and other items can be used for marking your planting rows. Paint the stakes to help them stand out in the garden and for added color. Or gather empty seed packets and pictures from last year’s catalogs and old magazines, cover with contact paper and staple to the stake. Pictures help brighten the garden until the flowers appear and help everyone know what plants to expect later in the season.

Related Green Tips

Delightful Dishes

And the dish ran away with the spoon.  Create a nursery rhyme garden for the kids and recycle old dishes in your landscape.


Eggshell Seedlings

Recycle those paper egg cartons and eggshells back into the garden. Use them for starting plants from seeds.


From Buckets to Plant Markers

Convert discarded five gallon buckets into plant markers.


What to do with Plastic Pots

Each year we add new plants to the landscape and that means the plastic pots are piling up.