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Nov. 8-16, 2014 - Explore Costa Rica with Melinda

Nov. 8-16, 2014

A trip of a lifetime awaits you! Join me from November 8-16 to explore Costa Rica with other gardening enthusiasts. We'll go on an amazing adventure through the tropical gardens, lush jungles and vibrant cloud forests of this beautiful country.

“I had never seen a forest so green. Vines spiraled upward into the tops of huge trees drapedwith hanging plants. Even the light was green.”

- Jeremy Schmidt

Costa Rica, a landmass encompassing only .03% of the earth’s surface, contains a whopping 5% of earth’s biodiversity- a density that is unmatched anywhere else in the world.  Join me and escape the cold gray days for a very special garden adventure to sun soaked Costa Rica. On this eight night tropical garden adventure you’ll discover a jungle paradise unlike any other. Despite its diminutive size, Costa Rica boasts greater biodiversity than all of Europe or North America!  Over 850 species of birds have been identified here, far more than have been seen in Europe or Australia and more butterflies thrive here than on the entire continent of Africa. We’ll explore lush jungles and view an abundance of exotic wildlife from a bridge that gently suspends you in the mist of the Cloud Forest canopy. Sultry breezes, tropical gardens and colorful birds await you.

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I hope to you can join me on this amazing journey!



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